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Thank you for visiting my home page.

Like most adults, I spend the majority of my time at work. I'm currently employed as computer software engineer for a firm based in central California.

While not at work, I enjoy riding motorcycles, the art of homebrewing, and spending time with family and friends.

Whatís a Harper?

First of all, you are probably wondering, Why the name, HarperDave? ...Thatís easy: This is a nickname given to me by a special friend who, at one time, related my working efforts to those of characters in the book, "The Harper Hall of Pern", by Anne McCaffrey.

Let me explain. Iíve spent a good part of my life working as a musician, in various nightclubs and resorts around the world. It was a particular job in the great state of Alaska, where I met Rich. He was the cook at the hotel where I lived and worked in with my band, Ful Tylt. Just about every evening he would greet me at the bar with a large, frosty beer saying, "Hey Harper Dave!" We would engange in conversations ranging from vintage guitars to the perfect chicken marsala. At dinner time, he would often make special dishes for me and my bandmates. He was a friendly face in an unknown place, where strangers are your neighbors.

Not more than a year had passed, since my last visit to Alaska, when Rich reportedly fell victim to a rafting accident, somewhere near Skagway. According to my sources, his body was never recovered.

Fare thee well, Rich!